Tips for Picking a Resort

Finding the Ideal Resort Vacation for You

No longer only the playgrounds of the rich and famous, resorts offer vacation packages for every budget and personal interest. Whether you want to get away alone, as a couple or take a family vacation, there’s a resort to fit your needs. Here’s a few tips from a seasoned traveler to help you find the best choice for you.


Determine what you can spend. It’s easier to find appropriate alternatives when you already have your cost cap set. You can play with building your own package, find deals at all-inclusive resorts and contact a travel agent to see what exclusive deals they have to offer. Having a firm number helps your decision-making by whittling down your choices to the viable.


If you’re planning a family trip with children, teens and seniors, you’ll need a resort with a variety of activities and dining options. Some resorts offer art or photography classes, children’s programs and teen discos.

Explore Your Location Options

Where are the resorts located that fit your budget and needs? If they’re outside the U.S., research passport and visa needs. A passport can take up to six months to acquire so plan well in advance of your trip. Everyone traveling will need their own passport. Carefully check what the package includes. Some all-inclusive resorts include airport transfers, sports equipment and unlimited alcohol. Some charge extra for specific on-property restaurants or a particular activity. Know what you’re getting before you buy.

Surrounding Attractions

Resort locate in breathtaking areas because the landscapes and activities in the surrounding area already draw tourists. Get the most out of your resort, but also delve into the local food and culture. A little online investigating can unearth can’t miss experiences for your trip.

Flexible Travel Times

If you’ll let your children miss a few days of school, you can get a much better price. Peak seasons, like spring break and summer, carry peak prices, but fall provides a comfortable break in expenses. Winter snowbirds drive prices up though in Mexico and the Carribean. You’ll find great deals between the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Book Rooms Together

The resort knows how much business you’re giving them, the total size of your group, and can provide rooms on the same floor, perhaps adjacent. Apprise them of special needs at this time, such as if one of your party needs a wheelchair accessible room or a special diet.

Plan and Book Well in Advance

Sure there are last minute deals available, but unless you desire a spur-of-the-moment getaway, you’ll get more for your money by planning ahead. Pick your location 11 months in advance and watch rates and deals. This lets you snap up the best price available.

With a little advance planning, you can take the trip of a lifetime with something for everyone, within your means. There’s a resort in almost every dream location. Let some long-term planning and advance work get you there.

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