London, England

The Best of London, England

The city of London features some of the top tourist attractions in the world and one of the best destinations in Europe. This British capital city has managed to maintain its old-world charm while still making advancements within the modern era. If you visit London, you’re in for a treat as there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone.

Iconic Landmarks

Some of the world’s most recognizable landmarks can be found throughout the city. The Tower Bridge spans the River Thames and plays an important role in the city’s transportation network. The Palace of Westminster features the clock tower that houses the famous bell known as Big Ben. A unique perspective of the city can be enjoyed by taking a ride on the giant Ferris wheel known as the London Eye. Trafalgar Square has long been a popular gathering spot for locals and visitors and is situated in close proximity to other famous attractions.

A Royal Affair

Visitors who want to find out more about the British Monarchy can spend some time exploring some of London’s royal settings. Buckingham Palace has been the official residence of the British Royal Family since the 19th century and is open for tours. A visit to the Tower of London provides the chance to see the Crown Jewels of England and learn about a more ominous side of British history. Kew Palace, which is located just outside the city center, sits on the grounds of the Royal Botanic Gardens and was once home to King George III.

Museums Galore

London’s museums also serve as some of the top tourist attractions in the city and are one of the reasons why London is a top attraction in the UK. Ancient artifacts and priceless artworks sit on display inside the British Museum. More precious artworks can be viewed inside the National Gallery. Housed inside the old asylum known as Bedlam, the Imperial War Museum highlights the story of England’s involvement in some of history’s most turbulent wars. The Household Cavalry Museum includes exhibits that provide more detailed information on the illustrious Changing of the Guard ceremony. Lovers of science and technology will rejoice when they pay a visit to the Science Museum. Many of the museums are free of charge, making London a cheap destination in the UK.

Vibrant Performing Arts Scene

Some of the city’s best venues for performing arts can be found within London’s West End. Live stage performances are often held inside the Palace Theatre, the Lyceum Theatre and the London Palladium. Piccadilly Circus, which also makes up part of the West End, is considered to be a major transportation point where some of the best shops, restaurants and nightclubs are located.

World-Class Accommodations

Fabulous hotels can be found in just about any price range while staying in London. Plenty of accommodation options and connections to public transportation are located in the Victoria, Knightsbridge and Hampstead neighborhoods. Some of the best places to stay in London can also be found around the Covent Garden area.

Outdoor Experiences

Spacious parklands comprise much of London and offer people the chance to bask outdoors. Hyde Park has long been a favorite destination for many and is home to the eccentric public speaking area known as Speakers’ Corner. Saint James’s Park has a bridge spanning a lake and is the perfect setting for capturing beautiful photographs. Other great places to spend some time outdoors include Regent’s Park, Lincoln’s Inn Fields and Soho Square.

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