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Disney Vacation Destintions Around the USA

When Walt Disney opened the doors to his Magic Kingdom in Anaheim, California on July 17, 1955, he did more than fulfill his dream of providing a special park for kids and adults of all ages. The cartoonist turned business magnate ushered in an era of entertainment centers that continue to expand globally to this day.

If you think Disney might be too overwhelming, another option is visiting Busch Gardens in Florida. There are plenty of things to do in Tampa, allowing your family to get the thrill of your life on roller coasters and have some more relaxing days on the beach and eating great food.

If your heard is set on Disney, however (we don’t blame you), here’s what you need to know about the parks.

There are four Disney Vacation destinations in the United States.

Disneyland Park – Anaheim, Ca

Over 60 years old, the original Disneyland has expanded five-fold in size, added new areas and attractions and now welcomes nearly 18 million guests each year. What used to be a one-day adventure now requires two to three days to see everything.

The price range has increased too. The cost for an All-Attraction, All-Day Disneyland Vacation in 1955 was $7.60. When adjusted for inflation, however, it would be $65.40 in today’s dollars. Today, the price is just over $100.00 per person per day for age 10 years and up.

Walt Disney World

Spread across 27,258 acres near Orlando, Florida, Walt Disney World features twenty-seven themed resort hotels, four individual theme parks, two water parks, five golf courses, a camping area and a downtown-themed shopping district.

Most visitors spend two-three days here utilizing a number of packaged offer and deals to minimize the cost while maximizing their length of stay. Various vacation packages are available directly from Disney or from third-party sources like Costco for about the same price as Disneyland in California.

From the day it opened on October 1, 1971, Walt Disney World has become the most visited vacation resort in the world. Today, over 52 million guests visit the happy kingdom each year.

Looking for something else to do while in the Sunshine State? There are plenty of family-friendly beaches in Florida to be enjoyed on your days away from the theme park craziness.

Disney Resort – O’ahu, Hawaii

This Disney paradise is located on the white sandy beach of O‘ahu in Ko Olina. For those vacationers who love Hawaii and all things Disney, this is the place for you.

There are plenty of things for the whole family to do. Water fun takes place in the lazy river, various waterslides and a splash zone where the little one can frolic in sprinkling showers. There’s also a kid’s club to entertain the youngsters while mom and dad get away to enjoy a quiet lunch.

There’s also an outdoor hydrotherapy garden and spa, and a private snorkeling lagoon called the Rainbow Reef is located directly in front of the complex. The resort features a host of Hawaiian dining options including their signature beach-front restaurant.

Disney Cruise to Castaway Cay

Four modern passenger liners form the fleet that transports Disney families to ports around the world. One of the more popular destinations is Castaway Cay, an exclusive Disney resort on a private island in the Bahamas.

The ships themselves are like floating Disneylands, so getting there and back is half the fun. After disembarking onto Castaway Cay, you have a wide choice of three different areas to spend you day. A free tram will transport you from area to area and back to the ship.

Water features include a giant three-story water slide that looks like a castle, a swimming area and a sprinkler park for little kids. If you want to sit and soak up the sun, grab a towel and beach chair and enjoy the balmy breezes and tropical island view.

Theme restaurants and gifts shops can be found around every corner. For the sports minded, there are beach volleyball courts, a snorkeling lagoon, biking trails, and hikes along tropical trails.

Reviews from passengers returning to their Florida port tend to give the Disney Cruise experience a high ten rating.

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