Family Friendly Cruises

The Top 5 Unforgettable Cruises for Families

Cruises provide one of the best family vacations around. Families get to visit different ports without having to change hotel rooms and they’re quite cost-effective, as well. The food and entertainment are all inclusive and most family ships host amazing children’s and teen’s clubs that allow the adults to get out and have a good time without the little ones underfoot. If you’re considering a family cruise, take a look at these top 5 cruises to make your next family vacation truly unforgettable!

Holland American

The most sophisticated line on this list, Holland America isn’t well known for catering to the young crowd, but they shouldn’t be overlooked. Holland America is known for their top-of-the-line service and exotic destinations, which will appeal to sophisticated families. Classy travelers will appreciate the beauty and style of HAL’s fleet while little ones will have a blast at Club HAL: Holland America’s exclusive kid’s club that prides itself on classic fun. Teenagers will be especially pleased with having “The Loft” all to themselves.

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival is famous for its family friendly vibe from the exciting water parks to kid-safe food options. Touted as “the party ships,” the Carnival line knows how to have a good time. Combined with Carnival being one of the more budget-friendly cruises around, this translates to a great family trip. Adults and children alike will love the daily family activities and kids will get a kick out of the amazing (and all-inclusive) children’s club.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Also another budget friendly line, Norwegian offers everything a young family could ever want in a fabulous vacation, including Nickelodeon characters on certain ships. Norwegian’s iconic ships offer so much in the way of entertainment, you may not get to do it all. Their “freestyle cruising” will appeal to easy-going families of all ages since you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. And to top it all off, Norwegian’s kid’s club (with its silly circus activities and interactive arts and crafts times) is rated as one of the top kid’s clubs at sea.

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean really knows how to sail in style. As the owner of some of the biggest mega-ships at sea, Royal Caribbean doesn’t scrimp on entertainment or family activities. From zip-lining to Broadway shows, bumper cars to Dreamworks characters, parades to 3-D shows, families will have so much fun, they’ll never want to disembark. The children’s club is a place where kids can either unwind or dance their socks off; but either way, your children will come back with smiles plastered on their faces.

Disney Cruise Line

As the cruise name synonymous with family vacations, Disney just can’t be beat. These cruise ships were built to cater to families; everything from booking your trip to embarking on excursions is easy and misses no detail as far as customer service is concerned. The rooms are spacious and designed with families in mind. There are parties, games, a menagerie of Disney character interactions, water slides, science classes and the list goes on. The children’s and teens programs are top of the line thanks to the robust collection of activities that are provided, as well. Although one of the more expensive options, most Disney lovers will tell you that it’s well worth every dollar!

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