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The World’s Top Ten Cruises

An exotic getaway with an ocean-front view sits second only to an adventurous world-travel experience with hundreds of new friends. Cruises are one of the most favored ways to get around the shining seas- and for good reason!

Swaggering through the seas are these top ten cruise names, sure to leave you both exhilarated and impressed.

Carnival’s “Legend”

The cruise line, Carnival, is known for its forte in fun. The on-board activities are endless on this ride. Over-the-top water slides, mini-golf, casinos and dance clubs are just some of the constant thrills being had on board.

The Regent’s “Seven Seas Navigator”

This cruise ship is somewhat of an intimate setting, carrying only 490 passengers. From an expansive pool deck during the day, to the exciting gambling at night, the Seven Seas Navigator is a relaxed atmosphere waiting to be enjoyed.

The Royal Caribbean’s “Allure of the Seas”

The general cruiser will love this cruise ship. The possibilities are endless for the family of four, as well as the single bachelor. The Allure of the Seas is the largest cruise ship in the world, with plenty of room and plenty to do.

Princess Cruises’ “Regal Princess”

The Regal Princess is close in taste to its sister, The Royal Princess. The glass-enclosed SeaWalk is a highlight for this cruise line, and the water and light shows at night are a beautiful end to any evening.

Celebrity Cruises’ “Reflection”

The Reflection boasts a number of new amenities that sets itself apart from the rest of Celebrity cruise ships. The top-deck’s Lawn Club highlights grilling and gaming, and the seemingly endless variety of cuisine on board is a promising feature for any megaship.

Disney’s “Fantasy”

The 1930s theme aboard this cruise ship is a tasteful flair, added to the age-old entertainment found in the Disney experience. Parents and children can all have a blast on this adventure at sea.

Disney’s “Dream”

The sister ship to the Fantasy, the Dream, is a whimsical classic. Water fun and animated storytelling abound on this 4,000 passenger boat.

Oceania’s “Riviera”

The elegance of the Riviera is matched by no one in this class of cruising. The cultured lifestyle has taken this cruise by storm, featuring countless opportunies to enhance your palette.

Crystal Cruises’ “Crystal Symphony”

You can treat yourself to an education on this cruise ship, as you delve into instituional learning classes, lectures, or broadway-style productions. The Crystal Symphony is a well-rounded, arts-driven, people-pleasing home away from home.

Silversea’s “Silver Whisper”

The Silver Whisper’s elegance is astounding in this ship’s uncannily sophisticated atmosphere. Silversea allows your vacation to be effortless, as you coast along the seas to various thrilling locations.

Avalon Waterways’ “Passion”

Everything comes in “premium” when aboard Avalon’s Passion ship. You’ll have every amenity at your fingertips as you take a river cruise down the Danube, visiting European gems from Bucharest to Budapest.

Whether it’s the convenient excitement around every corner that draws you, or the breathtaking views that catch you by surprise, a cruise line is sure to satisfy. From family-friendly weeks at sea, to meet and greets at bars and casinos, only a cruise could offer such a plethora of options.

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