Best Cruise Lines

World Class Cruise Lines

One of the best experiences for those who enjoy traveling is spending time on the ocean on a luxury cruise that offers a long list of amenities and an escape from the rest of the world. The freedom of being out on the water and visiting a beautiful location will prove to be worthwhile for those who want a new experience. When researching the best cruise lines to book, there are a few who have earned a strong reputation among travelers.


Disney cruise line is known as the most accommodating to families with getaways to Hawaii, Alaska, and the Bahamas. Disney cruises are popular among tourists for their waterslides, teen clubs, arcades, nightclubs, coffee bar, Disney shops, and musical shows.

Although Disney cruises are family-friendly, there are still a number of nightclubs that are available for adults, which are luxurious in their design and each feature a different theme. Sports and recreation can also be enjoyed with a sports deck, fitness center, basketball courts, and a quiet cove pool to provide something for everyone.

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises is a premium cruise line that stands out for its high level of comfort and onboard activities that are available. Passengers can enjoy spacious cabins and an adults-only pool for a relaxing cruise that travels to Europe, the Caribbean, and South America. There are even contests and competitions hosted onboard in addition to pirate theme nights, deck parties, and live bands. Passengers can also enjoy gambling at the ship’s casinos, lounges, bars, and live production shows.

Royal Caribbean International

With 22 different ships in their line, Royal Caribbean International has established a reputation with ships that can hold up to 5,400 passengers. The vessels are known to travel around the world to locations that include South America, Europe, the Caribbean, Asia, and Australia. Those on board are guaranteed to stay busy and entertained with rock climbing and ice skating that is available on the ship. They even have a robotic bartender on the Quantum of the Seas ship, which is programmed to take orders and serve drinks.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Lines offers one of the highest levels of entertainment and is known for featuring the Blue Man Group and Broadway musicals. They’re a family-friendly cruise line that is more relaxed with routes that go to the Greek Isles and the Falkland Islands. Passengers can also choose two free offers when booking their cruise with free wifi, shore excursions, specialty dining, and unlimited beverages that are available.

Dining options include three-course meals in three main dining rooms for those who want to enjoy a formal meal. A grill is also on the ship, which is a great place to grab a burger at any time of the day. Their quintessential buffet is also a great place to indulge in waffles, omelets, made-to-order pasta dishes, and meat carving stations.


Princess cruise line has 18 different ships that sail to Europe, the South Pacific, South America, and the Caribbean. The staterooms on the ships are favored for their large televisions, wood details, and soft tones that allow them to feel luxurious. One of the most popular ships in the line is the Regal Princess, which sailed for the first time in 2014 and is unique for its glass-bottomed walkway that extends over the open water.

Princess cruise line continues to remain a popular choice for tourists for its bustling nightlife scene on each ship, which includes magic shows, singing competitions, production shows, and movies that are hosted under the stars.

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