Resorts vs. Cruises

Should You Watch The Cruise Ships Go By Or Get On One For Vacation This Year

If you are used to vacationing at a beach in a warm climate, you probably have some experience deciding whether you want to take a cruise ship or go directly to a resort and stay there. Still, the decision isn’t always easy.

Perhaps you’ve written a couples bucket list, and you and your significant other know exactly where you want to explore. You also know you want a romantic experience to enjoy together. But that doesn’t really help you narrow down whether you should stay at a resort in a given location or take a cruise there.

Here are some considerations that can help you make that type of decision for your next vacation:

Many or one?

Are you interested in a geographic smorgasbord that provides you with vignettes of an entire region? If so, the all-inclusive cruise can be a safe and interesting way of getting to visit the places that you are interested in. If the thought of traveling the entire time that you are on vacation makes you seasick, you might look at going directly to an all-inclusive resort at the beach or in the mountains because you will arrive quickly and be able to maximize the vacation time that you do have in a structured environment that allows.

Active or sedentary?

Although you can certainly get a lot of physical activity practice in while you are on an all-inclusive cruise ship, all-inclusive resorts that do not move during the day are generally recognized as a better venue to spend time playing volleyball and soccer on the beach. When you visit an all-inclusive resort, you are also able to spend more time with scuba diving, snorkeling, and surfing than you will when you are aboard a cruise ship. Of course there are many different types of resorts. There are dude ranch resorts that pack in all the amenities while providing a unique wild west experience.

Age appropriateness

It may sound strange when you are young to check in and find out just what age group your resort or cruise ship caters to, but there is sometimes going to be a reputation or a norm that puts the focus of each type of resort’s services on servicing people who fall into a specific age range. With clubs like Sandal’s that offer resorts all over the tropics, what you will find is that the age range for each location can be specialized by reputation and subject to change. So if you are set on going to Jamaica, it can pay to check ahead and determine which on land, all-inclusive resort has both the amenities and the people that match your age before booking.

The situation is the same with cruise lines. Some Princess Cruise Line ships are known to attract a younger crowd while other ships have a very good mix of young and old people. One sign that you are in the right place for your age bracket is the activities that you want to take part in match your age. On the other hand if you would like to be shuffleboard champion at the ripe old age of 24, then a mixed age group resort will be fine.

Cuisine type

Although both resorts and cruise ships typically offer buffet options, the gourmet level of the meals themselves is usually dependent upon how many stars accompany the cruise or resort that you are booking. As cruise ships are on water, should definitely be able to feature much better sea food than resorts that are located on land. If your All-inclusive resort is less than 4 stars, you will probably not have the choicest cuts of steak available to you. For many families on a budget, this is not a problem. You can definitely go to resorts in countries like Mexico or Thailand and end up with better cuisine for the same or lower price.

Overall, when you go to book your next trip, there are several differences between cruise ships and all-inclusive resorts that you can plug your trip requirements into in order to find which choice is better for yourself those that you travel with.

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