A Very Appealing Vacation Concept

The word unlimited alone can conjure up images of freedom and choice, but apply that word to a vacation and you have a dream come true for many people. Let that word swirl around in your mind for a bit. Virtually no limits to what you can eat, where you can go, what you can do, or when you must do it. That is what makes the concept of an all inclusive vacation so appealing.

The Concept

Now, before you get too giddy with excitement, let’s define the term all inclusive vacation. In contrast to a traditional vacation where travelers book their transportation, hotel, meal and entertainment options separately, an all inclusive vacation provides people with a package. Most often, this package is prepaid so that both before and upon arrival as well as during the stay, guests do not have to think about the cost of nor paying for the things they do, eat or experience. Instead, they are free to just live life in the moment and move from one activity to the next.

The Advantages

The advantages of booking an all inclusive vacation are many and probably somewhat obvious, but let’s examine them as a whole. First, paying for a vacation up front means that you can rest easy during your vacation as we’ve said. However, by booking an all inclusive vacation, you will also avoid the headache of trying to locate, book and coordinate various airline flights, hotel reservations, meals plans and entertainment options. Instead, those items can be seamlessly packaged together to provide you with an easy and smooth vacation experience. There will be no worrying about what will happen if the flight is late or if you arrive after a standard meal time. Choosing your entertainment for the day will be uncomplicated by worries over timing or expense.

The Disadvantages

Based on the previous paragraph, you may think that there are no disadvantages to an all inclusive vacation. That is not quite true as a few do exist. An all inclusive vacation generally means committing to staying within a specific set of boundaries. Sometimes, those boundaries are physical as is the case when staying at a destination resort. Other times, those boundaries are schedule-related as might be the case in a guided tour or safari. You must also do a certain amount of pre-planning before leaving home in deciding how you will travel, where you will stay, what you will do and where you will eat. For those who love to make plans, this is not a problem. However, for the free-spirited who like to decide things on the spur of the moment, an all inclusive vacation can be more of a nightmare than a dream.

Questions to Ask

Before booking an all inclusive vacation, there are several questions to ask. First, inquire as to exactly what is included in the package you are purchasing. Some packages include everything while others only include lodging and meals. Definitely look up the rating given on travel sites for the destination or all inclusive vacation package you are considering. Finally, ask about how things will be handled in the event of either foreseen or unforeseen changes.

Choosing an all inclusive vacation is the perfect option for some and a less desirable option for others. It really all comes down to the preferences and personalities of the people who will be taking the vacation. If you love the freedom that a bit of pre-planning and pre-paying gives you, then definitely look into the concept of an all inclusive vacation.

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