Air Travel Tips

Thinking of Traveling by Plane? Here are a Few Tips

Whenever traveling by plane, understanding a few traveling tips can help to make the experience go more smoothly. First, you should know the difference between a direct flight and a nonstop flight. Experts always recommend that you opt for the latter because unlike nonstop flights, a direct flight has the option to touch down in other airports on their way to the destination. While most stops have been built-in to the total travel time, there is always the potential for a delay.

Tickets and Visa Requirements

After you have bought your tickets, choose your seating as soon as possible. This becomes especially important when you have a disability, and you can tell your travel agent to make the reservation rather than asking the airport. Otherwise, other passengers could nab the seats 24 hours before the flight starts because most of the seats are available to everyone. If you plan to visit a foreign country, such as Chile, India or Kenya, double and even triple check the documentation requirements. These countries require that you have a visa upon entry. Meanwhile, countries like South Africa do not let you enter unless you have a minimum of two blank unstamped pages, and you want to be aware of the requirements before you make a flight reservation. Otherwise, you could get stuck in the States.

Packing Tips

When packing, you want to set your luggage apart from the rest of the pack. To do this, you can use a ribbon or bow that can be torn off during the process. You can also buy a suitcase that comes in an unusual color like bright blue. Remember: you will have to find your luggage among the many others, so it is helpful when your checked luggage stands out in some way. You also want to keep from losing expensive items that won’t make it through security. Thinking through the screening process can help you to avoid being delayed at security, and when you pack your electronics in a single layer, it makes it easier for the x-ray machine so that they do not have to take everything out manually.

Car Seats for Small Children

Car seats are not only for the car. They are much safer, and it also helps your child to feel at ease on the flight because they have developed an attachment to using them. Veda Shook, a flight attendant, suggests that parents invest in car seat stroller combinations because the seat will slide away from the stroller, making it easier to check in.

Stowing Your Bag Near You

While it sounds great to put your suitcase in the first seating that is empty, that can slow down the exiting of a plane and cause delays because other passengers need to fetch their bags near the back. In essence, they will have to move backwards before leaving to get what they need. If you did miss a flight, don’t wait in line to rebook. Instead, call the customer-service line. Tuck the number into your wallet, and it could save you a lot of frustration later.

When you use only carry-on luggage, you lower the risk of stolen or lost luggage. You also want to avoid putting anything heavy in the overhead bin because if it fall, even a lighter bag can cause severe injury. In general, the weight limit is around 40 pounds. Good backup items in your carry on include laptops, cellphone chargers, a snack and an extra book. Large and valuable items like money, electronic files and laptops are best taken with you in a carry-on bag small enough to store under a seat.

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