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Tips for Better Air Travel Experiences

Traveling by air to any destination can be fun, especially if you have children with you. They certainly can get excited about it if it is their first time.

Being properly prepared for flying makes it much more enjoyable. Unless you can afford some of the more sumptuous luxury air travel options that are available, you’ll definitely need to take advantage of some basic tips to help make your flight go as smoothly as possible.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your trip.

Getting Your Ticket

Buying your airplane ticket does not mean that you have to pay the highest price for it. There are several online discount outlets that will enable you to obtain your tickets at a considerable discount. You can get them cheaper by planning ahead of time, too, and by buying your tickets at least one month in advance of your trip. Looking at airfares for different airlines may also help you get a lower price. If you get a discount ticket from the airline, it likely will be non-refundable – unless you cancel within the first 24-hours. To ensure the utmost conveniences, fly with one of the best airlines.

Moving Through Security Faster

In order to get through security at the airport faster, you want to get your ticket in the exact same name you have on your ID. You also want to make sure you followed the general rules for things that you can or can’t bring on board. If you have any questions, be sure to contact the airline. Pack electronics in a single layer, and not on top of each other. This will enable scans to determine what they are without having to open up your suitcase.

Extra Fees

Be prepared to pay some extra fees. There may be additional charges for baggage, for snacks (except on long distance flights) and for entertainment. Baggage charges can be avoided if you go light and carry everything in a carry-on bag. By rolling your clothes, you can get more into it. Remember also that you can simply rinse your clothing to refresh it on your trip.

Pets are generally allowed on most airlines. You will need to check with them in advance. Some airlines will let you carry them on board if their kennel will fit under the seat; otherwise it will have to go in cargo – for an additional fee.

Electronics and Other Goodies

If you are bringing children with you, you want to help them stay quiet. A DVD player with a children’s movie will sure help. You will also want to carry a Wi-Fi enabled device so that you can access the Internet easily when needed. Other items you may want to bring on the airplane include earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones, and a Kindle reader. This lets you carry a lot of books with you – without the extra weight.

Do Not Carry Much Cash

Most places today, especially in the cities, have ATM’s where you can get cash. This will prevent you from carrying too much cash with you. If you are near an ATM, just get enough for a couple of days at a time.

Tips for Guidebooks

Guidebooks can add weight to your luggage. It will be much better to simply copy the pages you need for your trip and leave the book at home. Another way to lighten your luggage is to go light on the toiletries; at least if you are going to a more modern country.

Buy Traveler’s Insurance

If you are going to a foreign country, it is a good idea to get insurance for travelers. Many health insurance companies do not insure you for some things when out of the country. In an emergency, for instance, evacuating you back to the United States is likely to cost tens of thousands of dollars – and you may be stuck with the bill if you do not have it.

Flying can be fun, and you can enjoy it more when you are prepared for what you might encounter. Airplane travel not only gets you to your destination quicker – and back again – but following these tips will help your trip be more memorable.

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